Jesus died in your place

When Jesus spoke to the man hanging on the cross next to Him, He referred to Heaven as "paradise." You can live eternity in paradise and know that you have that to look forward to. It's easy to do. Jesus died in your place to give you this chance.

Accept Jesus Now

Published by richard on February 15, 2010 ★ Featured

A new site to bring you GOOD NEWS

News of Joy is here to save souls.  News of Joy is here to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to every site visitor. If you are a believer already, you will enjoy this site.  If you just don’t like Christians and don’t believe in God or believe in Christ, hang in there and…

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Published by richard on January 20, 2017

New President – hope for Christians

With the inauguration of a new U.S. president, I pray that the persecution of Christians in America, and around the world, will end.  We know that in countries, where Christians are a minority today, the persecution will continue. But, there is hope that this new president, will work diligently, to go after those who would…

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Published by richard on December 1, 2016

Are you someone who doesn’t believe in God?

For a Christian, it’s hard to even ask that question. But, for many people today, our culture has instilled this idea in many people’s heads that they should not believe in God. As many Atheists will ask; “Where is your God………I don’t see him. So, you believe in a fairy tale?” There are two better…

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Published by richard on April 8, 2014

Christian Couple in Pakistan to be put to Death

This happens every week across the Middle East and in Northern Africa and in places like Pakistan.  Innocent Christian people, losing their lives to people of intolerance. Christians face intolerance in America also, but it doesn’t result in a death sentence. In this case, it’s because of a text message, a message the Christian couple…

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Published by richard on November 11, 2013

Rev. Billy Graham’s 95th birthday

This is news of joy. Billy Graham, the pastor who has probably led the most people to Jesus Christ, turned 95 on November 7th. Humble as always, he didn’t think people even remembered him. He has been out of the spotlight for many years.  Well, people did remember.  Here is news of the event:…

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Published by richard on October 30, 2013

God; He cares for you

In 1 Peter 5:6-7, in the NIV version of the Bible, we are told: Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. There are two things you can take away from this verse; one is that…

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Published by richard on September 22, 2013

75 Christians murdered in Pakistan

It gets old having to report, time after time, that there are more Christians killed by Islamists. It is a global tragedy that this continues and few people are paying attention to it. If people killed others based on their race, it would clearly be labeled racism and there would be an international outcry.  There…

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Published by richard on August 13, 2013

Christian girl in Egypt killed

A Christian girl in Egypt was gunned down while leaving her Bible-study class. Another victim of anti-Christian hatred: See the video here.

Published by richard on July 1, 2013

Catholic priest beheaded in Syria

While there is true News of Joy, like God’s grace and forgiveness and Christ’s blood offering eternal life, there is also evil in the world.  The Catholic church recently reported that 100,000 Christians are murdered each year. We just saw another example of this in Syria, as the “rebels” beheaded three victims, including a Catholic…

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Published by richard on November 24, 2012

Atheist continue war on Christians

Another symbol of God removed from the public square with the help of an activist judge. It happens every week and this time it was in Santa Monica. After a 59 year history of displaying a Nativity scene along Ocean Blvd., a judge has ruled in favor of a handful of Atheists who are on a…

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Published by richard on October 1, 2012

Christians chased from their home town

I hate to have to keep reporting things like this………………it is not news of joy.  The poor Coptic Christians in Egypt are persecuted. Pray for them please. Coptic Christians threatened and attacked, flee from their home town after death threats.  

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